You want to test Docker a little deeper and you decide to install it on Windows 2016 TP5 Core. This installation process is simple

/// Ps>Install-WindowsFeature containers Ps>Install-packageprovider ContainerImage –force PS>install-containerimage –name WindowServerCore ///

Finally you install the script in to install Docker components

/// PS>invoke-webrequest -outfile update-containerhost.ps1 PS>.\update-containerhost.ps1 ///

But something wrong happen.

Docker doesn’t run and you get this error message : dockererror.png

Don’t thinks about any error related to your network.

The answer is a little more simple
First you did not use an elevated prompt to install the container
So stop the docker service
Open an elevated powershell prompt Start-Process PowerShell –Verb RunAs
And re-run the update-containerhost.ps1 script Then go to the c:\programmdata\docker You should notice that there is no tag.txt file This file is necessary to run Docker, so create an empty one (notepad tag.txt) Docker should run now.