The Azure Stack preview is a single computer environment, everything is installed on one server. There are few things you should know before start. How to run this first preview?

First you need a server class computer.

CPU :2 CPU with at least 12 cores, 16 is better, with SLAT Enabled RAM :128 Gb RAM ROLE Hyper-v Enabled NIC : No real specification for Nic (they must be certified for Windows Server 2012 R2) HDD : One drive for the system (At least 200 Go, 300 is better, the setup will expend all the data here) 4 HDD for Azure Stack : this disk will be used for storage space

You need to install Windows server 2016 TP 4 datacenter with all update and

You may have to

Only one port should be connected to a switch, it’s better to disable all the other port (the system will use a converged fabric using this port) and the port on the switch must be in access mode (you can use a trunk port but you will need to provide the vlan ID during the setup). The server need an access to internet (at least http/https, with access to a DNS server).

It’s better to have the NIC get an IP from DHCP server. If not, you will need to manually setup a range for the network address translation component for Azure Stack connectivity.

Be sure there no network in subnets,, or can be connected to the server. This are the network ID used by the POC.

You will also need a valid Azure Active Directory account. It mean a valid Public Azure Subscription (Free Trial is ok)