Microsoft deliver the first Azure Stack preview on Friday 29/01. Azure Stack is the Microsoft IaaS and PaaS cloud platform with the same defined Network, compute and Storage technologies used in Azure. We will have the same portal and the same Powershell command as we have now in Azure. It will be delivered at the end of 2016. For the technical preview there are some requirements:

  • 2 CPU with at least 12 cores, 16 is better, with SLAT Enabled
  • 128 Gb RAM
  • Hyper-v Enabled
  • No real specification for Nic (they must be certified for Windows Server 2012 R2)
  • One drive for the system
  • 4 HDD for Azure Stack :
  • they must have the same size and the same type
  • they must have a single path and the system should be able to assign them (pass through mode or Raid 0)

The Software defined datacenter managed by Azure Stack will permit scale on demand. Azure Stack Resource Managed will communicate with provider, Hyper-v for compute, Storage Spaces for storage and Network Controller for Network to create service. There is several template ready now ( Azure use JSON so Azure Stack will do the same; time to learn JSON and DSC. You can check

And the webcast (on 3/2/2016)